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Delegation of Halepaghen-Schule participates at Alster Model United Nations (AMUN) in Hamburg

From September 20 to 23, a delegation of six students, representing the Syrian Arab Republic, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and the Republic of Maldives, attended the Alster Model United Nations held by the Klosterschule Hamburg.

These students were Myriam Ben Touhami, Juliane Hilgert, Inken Immig, Lea Krarup, Jannik Löhden and Lara Wischnewski, all of who attend year 12 at HPS. They qualified as “first timers“, meaning that they had had no previous experience as delegates at a MUN conference.

In fact, this was the first time ever that our school sent students to take part in a MUN conference. Various MUN conferences take place at different times and at different international places throughout the year.

The conference’s grand opening took place in the impressive plenary chamber of Hamburg’s city hall. The following days the location shifted to classrooms (=committees) and the auditorium (=the General Assembly) of the Klosterschule where the delegates had fruitful and energetic debates about topics also discussed at the current annual United Nations World Conference, e. g. the reunification of refugee families or tackling the problem of female genital mutilation.

The delegates of Saudi Arabia, Syria and the Maldives (aka HPS students) convinced by their highly active and passionate participation. We are happy to announce that Lea and Jannik even received awards for being the best first timers in their respective committees!

For all of six of them, AMUN was a great experience to test and use their political, foreign language and rhetorical skills. “I’ve learned a lot about myself“, said Inken Immig, ambassador of the Maldives.

On top of all, the HPS students enjoyed getting to know and making friends with their fellow delegates from Denmark, Estonia, Italy, Hamburg and Lübeck.


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