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On Thursday 06.09.2013, Lea, an Australian friend of our English teacher Mrs. Feldkamp visited our class to speak about her home country. Australia is the first topic in 9th grade and we were very lucky that we had the chance to talk to her.

Lea told us many interesting things about the huge country on the other side of the world.

She was born in Sydney and she has been living in Hamburg with her German husband for one year. At the moment, she works as a designer for a German fashion label.

First, Lea made the size of Australia understandable to us. Did you know that Germany fits into the continent about 20 times?

Then she told us about some big differences between the two countries.

One is definitely the weather. In Australia 14°C are really cold and in the summer the temperature sometimes goes up to 46°C. Around Christmas there are 30°C - 40°C so nobody wondered about Lea telling us that she acted like a little kid when she saw snow for the first time in her life last winter. Another difference is that Australia is very multicultural. There are people from all over the world who speak over 200 different languages! And speaking about food and sports, you can find everything you can imagine there.

Also really interesting for us were the differences in school life. Every school has got a uniform and apart from the “normal” topics they learn for example how to protect themselves against wild animals like poisonous snakes and spiders.

After that, it was our turn and we could ask her questions. Lea told us about incidents with wild animals, the pest of kangaroos in Canberra, how dangerous they are and her favorite German food. On the question if she would rather live in Australia or in Germany she answered that she would love a combination of both. Of course she misses her family and friends but life in Australia is very expensive and sometimes even too hot, she said. Besides, the German bread tastes much better than the Australian, she admitted twinkling. ;)

In the end Lea, let us try a very typical Australian food: Vegemite.

To put it mildly, we didn't find it very tasty. Finally we only can thank Lea for talking to us and answering our questions. It was a really interesting lesson!

Swenja Gödicke (9a)

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