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Austausch 2015 Zeitung

From 23/01/15 to 30/01/15 the Spanish exchange group from our partner school in Pamplona came to Buxtehude for their exchange trip with our Spanish group in grade ten.

It was an amazing time for all of us. We learned more about being together with young people from another country, about cultural differences. We even learned more about the region around our city Buxtehude.

It all started with a trip to Hamburg and its famous attractions like the Elbtunnel or the Warehouse-district. Moreover, we went to Lüneburg for learning more about the “Hanse League“ and we had a rally through Buxtehude to give our exchange partners an idea about the place which would be their home for one week.

The film project “Outsourced“ at school and the whole programme we had (tours, guided visits etc) was in English, which meant that we could communicate in one language to improve our English skills and theirs.

It didn ́t take long to get to know each other and to form new friendships, so everyone is looking forward to the exchange in Pamplona in March and is excited to meet our Spanish friends again.

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Unsere Teams

11-02-2013 Hits:38201 Allgemein Super Administrator

  Schulleitung Kollegium Alle Lehrer Neue Lehrer Referendare Mitarbeiter

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Änderung der Busfahrpläne ab 02.05.2017…

24-04-2017 Hits:534 2016-2017 Wulff/ Ver

Fahrplanänderungen vom 02.05. - 27.10.2017 wegen der Bauarbeiten an der L140 (Erneuerung der OD Osterjork/ Königreich)

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schriftliches Abitur

05-02-2017 Hits:526 Termine Reinhard Zimmer

  2017 2018  

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Vielen Dank an die Technik-AG!!!

21-06-2017 Hits:522 2016-2017 Ver

Die Halepaghen-Schule bedankt sich bei ihrer Technik-AG unter der Leitung von Herrn Heinze (in Vertretung) für deren großes Engagement in diesem Schuljahr. 

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Linn und Lotta krönen ihre tollen Leistu…

21-06-2017 Hits:399 2016-2017 Knebel/ Ver

Ut Hannover hebbt wi de Naricht kregen, dat de beide Schuback-Süsters en groden Erfolg bi de Wettstriet int Vörlesen in Plattdütsch för dat heele Land Nedersassen hat hebbt. Linn is eerste...

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Litauenaustausch 17.05.-28.05.2017

21-06-2017 Hits:292 Austausch Glenn Boudewijns, Michel Jorges, Hannes Osse, Kurt Haase, Paul Fichtner/ Ver

Ein Bericht über den Litauenaustausch 2017

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