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23.05.19 19:30 -
Informationsabend zum bilingualen Unterricht für Eltern und Schüler(innen) in den 6. Klassen
04.06.19 19:30 -
Informationsabend zum Wahlpflichtbereich


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Eight students from HPS are currently participating in the AMUN conference at Gymnasium Klosterschule in Hamburg-St. Georg. Six of them serve as delegates of the State of Qatar (Phillip Bravos, Lars Hauschildt) and Canada (Zehra Dündar, Lennart Klein, Helen Schulz, Anna Wischnewski). Two MUN-enthused students, Juliane Hilgert and Lara Wischnewski, are even working as deputy chairs in two committees – which is a debut in HPS’s relatively brief history of MUN activities.

The ice was broken when the first HPS delegates, Anna and Lars, presented their highly impressive opening speeches as ambassadors on Sunday morning. Now that the conference is in full bloom, resolutions on topics like Protecting child refugees in camps and Taking measures to ensure the safety of journalists are being worked out and will then be discussed passionately in the committees and the General Assembly by the various and sometimes conflicting UN members.

We are proud that there were quite a few resolutions being submitted by HPS delegates - all of whom first timers in the MUN business!

On the more recreational part of the conference there is an offer of dinner events (for those who like Burritos, like Helen  :-) ), concerts, parties and times in between sessions when socialising among the international participants is absolutely ‘in order’. And, of course, ‘punishments‘ for violating the dress code or addressing the audience in first-person-singular (instead of saying “The delegate of Canada believes that ...“) contribute to much laughter and add much to the conference’s special charm.


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