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On this year’s November 8th, a few classes had the chance to attend the reading of 2018’s Buxtehuder Bulle award-winning novel Now Is Everything with the author herself, Amy Giles, during the second and third period.

 Amy Giles 2

Giles read the first pages of her novel, every now and then asking questions and analysing the plot with the students. After talking about the first chapter, the students were free to ask her anything about the book, writing and the life of an author. The questions were answered in detail, giving everyone the chance to have a full conversation with her.

Amy Giles 1

Meeting Amy Giles was an opportunity that I am happy not to have missed.

I can recommend all pupils interested in creative writing and literature to attend next year’s reading of the Bulle winner, it is always a unique experience (meeting 2016’s winner Tamara Ireland Stone and 2017’s reading with John Boyle were interesting events as well) just like the annual prize ceremony held in our auditorium.

Amy Giles 3Amy Giles 4

Alina Engel, 10A


Buxtehuder Bulle at our School

The 2018 “Buxtehuder Bulle” winner is Amy Giles from Long Island U.S.A.

She writes novels for young adults and on November 8th 2019 she presented her new novel “Now is Everything” here in our library to the students of the 10th grade.

Her visit gave us students the opportunity to listen to her reading in her own style, ask questions about writing, life in the states and to talk about her inspiration for writing a book about such a sensitive topic.

The atmosphere was easy going and very carefree. Everyone felt automatically comfortable with her and there was no tension between us.

Especially because not only did we ask questions but she did as well!

This gave us the chance to learn more about the plot and it helped us really understand her motives for the novel.The book is about a young girl called Hadley, who is being abused at home by her father and is still trying to lead a normal life at school.

At the end of the reading, she signed our books and talked to us personally and she was every bit as nice as we imagined her to be.

Diva Haider & Lily Grace Runchman



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