At the beginning of this schoolyear I got the chance to go to Buxtehude and to participate in German lessons at your school for three weeks. My stay was financially supported by the Deutsch-Litauischer Freundeskreis Buxtehude.

It was a huge experience for me to go to a different place and live in family that I had never seen before. I was lucky to stay with the David family. They were very friendly to me. Mrs David-Kempin was so nice, she always cared about my day and if I needed something. My host brothers Jan and Julius were also caring. They introduced me to their friends and took me to all the places they went to so I wouldn't be bored and feel alone.

I don't have to say anything bad about your school. Everything was good. Teachers were really friendly and active during the lessons. The atmosphere at school was nice. Everyone here was friendly, polite and caring. I felt like I was at my own school.

I am happy about this exchange, because it was one of the best experiences in my life. I am glad that I had the chance to live in this family and go to your awesome Halepaghen-School.

I want to say thanks to the school staff, all teachers in whose lessons I took part and especially Hermann Hausmann and Ina Schleinitz for letting me be in this exchange programme.

Best regards and good luck to all of you,

Ugne Stulpinaite

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